Why Should You Book Tickets To Cinderella?

It is a classic fairy-tale that has been rebooted many times over, but now there’s a brand new Cinderella in town, and this particular Cinderella is here to rock your world at the Gillian Lynne Theatre as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new version of the famous story breathes spectacular 21st-century life into the archaic fairy-tale.

So why should you go and see Cinderella? Here's our quick guide to the much talked about new West End production. 

What is Cinderella the Musical all about?

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s revamped version of Cinderella isn’t your typical rags to riches Cinderella story but it does feature all of the best known Cinderella tropes as the 'fairy godmother', 'Prince Charming', and the delicate glass slipper remain. This new and revisionist Cinderella is set in the fictional town of Belleville which celebrates the superficial outer beauty of its residents. Everyone in Belleville fits in and is pretty, except for Cinderella. As a social outcast, she spray-paints, wears black, and generally speaking, nobody has much to do with her. Although Cinderella may not conform to general beauty standards, she is not afraid to speak her mind, and so when she meets Prince Sebastian, and the pair seem to hit it off immediately as friends, is it possible that this could blossom into something else?

As in traditional Cinderella stories,  courtesy of a little help from her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella eventually makes it to the ball,. But will she get the opportunity to dance with Prince Sebsatian, or will her outer beauty only shine through? Ultimately, this 21st century feminist Cinderella is about celebrating who you really are regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Which theatre does Cinderella play at?

Cinderella is the resident show at the Gillian Lynne Theatre in the West End. The theatre was previously called the New London Theatre but was recently renamed in 2018 after the late choreographer. Recent shows that have showcased at the venue include 'School of Rock', 'Cats' and 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'.

How long is the show?

The running time for Cinderella the Musical is 2 hours and 40 minutes with evening performances starting at 7:30pm and end at 10:10pm. Matinee shows begin at 2:30pm and finish at 5:10pm.

What days of the week is Cinderella playing?

Cinderella plays eight shows per week with evening performances taking place from Tuesday to Saturday, and afternoon matinee performances on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. 

When was the premiere of Cinderella?

The opening night of Cinderella was originally scheduled at the Gillian Lynne Theatre to be in August 2020, however due to the Covid-19 pandemic the production was pushed back to June 2021. The official opening night for Cinderella was on 18th August. 2021. Performances are currently scheduled to run until February 2023.

Who wrote the musical Cinderella?

The Cinderella book is the playwriting debut from Oscar winning actress Emerald Fennell who is best known for her screenplay and work on popular TV shows including 'Fleabag' and 'Killing Eve'. The music in Cinderella is by Andrew Lloyd Webber who has won over 40 awards for his musicals in a career spanning over 5 decades.

Who are the characters in Cinderella?

There are some familiar characters in Cinderella true to previous version of the fairy-tale. However there are also many new characters which have been newly added for the latest musical.

The main characters in the musical are;

Cinderella - the title character and lead protagonist in the musical. Cinderella is a feisty girl who doesn’t fit in, but she is determined to stay true to herself even it makes life difficult. 

Prince Sebastian - The Prince is one of the Queen’s sons who strikes up an unexpected friendship with Cinderella becomes besotted by her. When the Queen organises a royal wedding for Cinderella and Prince Sebastian, much to everyone else's dismay the Prince gets the opportunity to grow as he steps up into the spotlight?

The Queen - The monarch rules over the town of Belleville and has her large entourage of “Man’s Men” by her side.

The Stepmother - the 'wicked' Stepmother in Cinderella is an evil and heartless woman who treats Cinderella with complete disrespect. Both her children, Marie and Adele, adopt a similar stance with their stepsister.

The Fairy Godmother - As always, the Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella into the belle of the ball, but can she convince Cinderella to see the good that exists in herself?

Prince Charming - Prince Charming is nowhere to be found for most of the musical.  Belleville mourns him as he is the Queen’s first-born son, but in the end, he runs off with the Duke.

There’s plenty of comedy in to watch out for in Cinderella as stepsisters Marie and Adele ruthlessly taunt Cinderella throughout the show, and the “Men’s Men” who support the Queen will probably also catch your eye. The ensemble also brilliantly bring the town of Belleville to life.

Songs in Cinderella

Act One

"Buns 'n' Roses" 
"It Has to Be Her" 
"Bad Cinderella" 
"So Long" 
"Hunks Song" 
"Man's Man" 
"So Long" / "Introduction to Only You, Lonely You" 
"Only You, Lonely You" 
"I Know You" 
"The Village Square" 
"The Godmother's Shop" 
"Beauty Has a Price" 

Act Two

"The Cinderella Waltz" 
"The Ball" 
"I Know I Have a Heart" 
"Act 2, Scene 2" 
"I Am No Longer Me" 
"Moment of Triumph" 
"What Were You Thinking?/Introduction to Far Too Late" 
"Far Too Late" 
"Ego Has a Price" 
"The Wedding March" 
"The Ceremony" 
"Man's Man" 
"Marry for Love" 
"Cinderella's Soliloquy" 
"The Wedding Party" 

Some fun facts about Cinderella

While you may think you know everything about Cinderella,  this version of the story is both rather different and simply unmissable. Here’s a few facts you may not know about Cinderella and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Andrew Lloyd Webber shares a birthday with Stephen Sondheim with both composers being born on 22nd March. 

The Cinderella soundtrack album includes some songs that didn’t actually make the final version of the musical. 

Workshops for Cinderella took place in 2019 at The Other Palace. The original cast included Carrie Hope Fletcher, Tyrone Huntley, Ruthie Henshall, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Sophie Isaacs, and Rebecca Trehearn.

How to get tickets to Cinderella

Don’t hang about and wait for the clock to strike midnight!  You can book tickets to Cinderella securely online through Theatretickets-London.co.uk or directly from the box office at the theatre. 

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