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The Theatre Royal Haymarket (sometimes known as the 'Haymarket Theatre', or the' Little Theatre') is a west-end theatre located in the Haymarket.  The theatre dates back to 1720, making it the third-oldest playhouse still in use today in the capital.

In 1747, Samuel Foote acquired the lease, and in 1766 he gained a royal patent to play so called ''legitimate drama'' (meaning spoken drama, as opposed to plays with music) during the summer months.

The original building was situated a little further north on the street but the theatre has been on its current site since 1821 when it was redesigned by John Nash.  The freehold of the site is owned by the Crown Estate, and the theatre has received a Grade II listed building from English Heritage and has a seating capacity of 888.

The theatre has been the site of several significant innovations in theatre, including in 1873, when it was the venue for the very first scheduled matinée performance, which established a custom that was soon followed in theatres everywhere. The auditorium was reconstructed six years later, and the stage was enclosed in the very first use of the picture frame proscenium.

Notable managers of the theatre have included Benjamin Nottingham Webster, Herbert Beerbohm Tree, John Baldwin Buckstone,  and John Sleeper Clarke, brother of John Wilkes Booth (who famously assassinated Abraham Lincoln)

The current production at the venue is Only Fools and Horses - The Musical.  Tickets to all productions at the Theatre Royal Haymarket can be booked securely through this website.

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FAQ's About Booking Tickets To The Theatre Royal Haymarket

Are Tickets To The Theatre Roya Haymarket Expensive?

When popular shows first open, the demand for tickets can be very strong meaning that it can be very rare to find official discounts or well priced tickets.  Over time though things do usually calm down a little and value start creeping into the ticket price during midweek performances and quiet periods.

Are Balcony And Upper Circle Tickets To The Theatre Royal Haymarket Worth The Money?

There are four tiers in the Theatre Royal Haymarket with seats in the stalls and dress circle being by far the best option if finance is not an issue.  There is some value to be had for tickets in the upper circle however, as they are considerably cheaper than the dress circle and stalls and most of the seats in the section are pretty much unrestricted despite being on the second floor.  The seats in the balcony section though are very high up and it is highly recommended that you check the seating plan thoroughly before booking tickets in this section as despite being priced accordingly most of them cannot be considered to be a 'bargain!'

When Is The Best Time To Book Tickets To The Theatre Royal Haymarket?

As with all shows in the West End there will be quiet periods during the year and if you are flexible with dates then booking tickets during the off peak months of November, January and February can produce big savings.  The weeks that follow on from school holidays throughout the year are also particularly good for bargains especially with shows with a predominatly domestic fanbase, so looking for midweek performances during these weeks should hopefully bring the ticket price down.

Why Do My Tickets To The Theatre Royal Haymarket Include A Booking Fee?

This will depend on where and when you book them?  Booking directly from the box office at the theatre will save money on the booking fee as they will simply charge the face value for tickets.  When booking tickets online or through retail outlets though then you are dealing with a third party and if the agents are having to buy tickets at face value themselves then they will be forced to charge customers a booking fee to turn a profit.  During quieter periods and midweek though the producers of the show will sell to agents at a discount which they can then pass on to the consumer so the booking fee can often be waived and occasionally the tickets can even be sold to the public at a discount. 




Theatre Royal Haymarket

Only Fools and Horses - The Musical
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