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Limited Season At The Royal Court Theatre From 9th June - 18th June 2022

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After beginning as a bold experiment to bring together a group of playwrights and artists to co-create in a new way, The Song Project was formed on the idea that there are some things can only be sung.

Now as the dust settles on the past two years and we begin to gather again, The Song Project now showcases at the Royal Court Theatre and embraces our inherent need for shared rituals to cope with life-changing events and gives space to the emotional and knotty complexities of daily life.

The work delves into all of the hopes and anxieties we all face, and dives into the messiness of birth, death, mothers, grace, rage, friendship, loss, motherhood, and ageing all through pieces of music performed live by Wende and a talented company of musicians,

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The song project

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Royal Court Theatre

Royal Court Theatre

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The song project

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