'Jaws' Comedy, The Shark Is Broken Announces Full Casting Ahead Of West End Opening

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With the hugely anticipated West End premiere of The Shark is Broken set to take place in October, the full cast of the play has now been named. The Shark is Broken will play at the Ambassadors Theatre from October 9th - January 15th.

Ian Shaw is to take on the role made famous by his father Robert Shaw, who starred in the 1975 Jaws movie. Liam Murray Scott will take on the role of Richard Dreyfuss, and Demetri Goritsas will play Roy Scheider.

The play is set during the actual filming of the movie Jaws, where the lead actors are all stuck on a boat named 'Orca', waiting for the action to begin again. As the clock ticks away, it seems that the drama isn't just taking place in front of the camera as plenty of backstage issues begin to bubble to the surface too as the trio, all stranded in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean begin to show their teeth when the cameras aren't on them?

The hilarious comedy The Shark is Broken is co-written by Joseph Nixon and Ian Shaw, with direction from Guy Masterson.  Scenic and costume design is by Duncan Henderson, sound design and music by Adam Cork and lighting design by Jon Clark .

Performances of The Shark is Broken will begin at the Ambassadors Theatre from October 9th.

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The Shark is Broken
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