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Limited Season From December 2nd - January 8th At The Southwark Playhouse

Grey is a hapless single dad who is stuck in a rut. His teenage daughter Silva decides to pack him off to revive his dream of being a rockstar, where he successfully auditions for ‘Nick & the Rhythmics’ only to find out… that he has actually signed up to take part in an "All-male Rhythmic Gymnastics troupe". Despite seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against them, the group of burly blokes makes it all the way to the World Championships – twirling their ‘ribbons of fire’ all the way – and Grey eventually learns how to commit to life.

The Rhythmics is a joyous new British musical at the Southwark Playhouse being billed as 'Calendar Girls' meets 'The Full Monty'.

The full production of The Rhythmics features some BSL integrated choreography from Mark Smith (Deaf men Dancing), along with captions throughout the performance making the show accessible for hard of hearing and D/deaf audiences.

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