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April 4th - April 14th 2022

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Based on the seminal novel by Margaret Atwood, the London Coliseum stages Paul Ruders’s production of The Handmaid’s Tale which plunges us directly into the 'Republic of Gilead', where the female population has been entirely stripped of their freedoms and rights.

The opera charts the story of a Handmaid named Offred, one of the fertile women chosen to reproduce with Commanders of the Republic. The Handmaid's Tale is a thought-provoking work that magnifies both the many issues of excessive state control and the delicate fragility of freedom, as Offred must deal with the terror that is her daily reality.

Danish composer Ruders’s musical score is complimented with a libretto from Paul Bentley that draws influence from minimalism, gospel music and chanting, as the dissonant brutality of the Republic of Gilead is viscerally depicted in the opera’s music.

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