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Laughing Our way Out Of Lockdown This June At The Noel Coward Theatre!

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Bringing some much needed laughter to the West End as the nation remerges from lockdown, the Noel Coward Theatre will host Alex Owen and Ben Ashenden's award winning and fittingly titled debut play - The Comeback.

Emily Burns directs this hilarious story of two separate double acts who must to fight to gain control of the most farcical and chaotic and high-stakes gig of their careers that will have audiences both laughing out loud as well as wiping tears away at the end. In what is a heart-warming piece of bittersweet nostalgia, The Comeback explores the enduring power of friendship and endurance and offers a much needed dose of feel-good escapism accompanied by an emotional and warm heart that will also feature a new celebrity guest every night!

When two up-and-coming comics Alex and Ben are booked as the warm-up spot for a fading but still beloved double act’s comeback tour, neither they nor the starring duo are over the moon to be playing to a small crowd in a dilapidated and sleepy, seaside town. When it is revealed however that a famous Hollywood director is to be in the audience, both acts see opportunity knocking and a chance to shoot for the big time. What follows can only be described as total carnage, as a brutal blend of mistaken identity, sabotage and full on mayhem ensues as the performance descends into total chaos. The desperate battle for stardom and the limelight is sublimely and hilariously brought to the surface with the action alternating frantically between onstage and off, resulting in a farcical, joyous and warm-hearted new comedy that is sure to bring audiences some much needed cheer.

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