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Explore The Murky World Of U.S Politics At The Old Vic From 29th March - May 28th 2022

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Who is going to be the 47th President of the United States? Mike Bartlett’s new play about American politics potentially names the next President ahead of time as The 47th receives its world premiere at the Old Vic in spring 2022. 

The 47th explores all possibilities as to who could become the 47th President of the United States and is set in 2024 as the American people go to the polls to cast their votes. Although the play is set just two years in the future, it imagines a near future where democracy is on its knees. Nothing is getting done as there seems to be a public outcry at any decision-making. A firm hand needs to take control at the White House and implement some positive change, but what will it cost? 

Mike Bartlett’s fascinating and eye-opening play gets deep into the nitty-gritty of American politics.  And if this play is anything to go by, there's going to be no president quite like The 47th.

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