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A New Musical Highlighting The Highs And Lows Of 24 Hours In a Wine War

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Charlie Ryall and Richard Baker's new musical Tasting Notes takes a 24-hour snapshot of life in a wine bar that is all played out through the lives of several of its customers, all from inside their heads.  During a seemingly normal 24 hour period the musical highlights the little things that we don’t see when we’re not looking. Join us at the Southwark Playhouse as we take a little look into the ins and outs of wine bar culture and life; the people who work there, the people who drink there, and the people that we meet along the way to wherever it is that we’re going.

“Perhaps it’s not so bad if this is it..?”

LJ loves her bar but she is exhausted.  She seems to practically live in there these days and finds herself questioning whether this is 'it?' What if her wine bar is all there is to her life, and all there ever will be from now on?

Maggie has had enough of working in hospitality. Day after day of endlessly going through the motions in an underpaid job that she’s over-qualified and doesn't care about.

Joe is endlessly tormented by memories from his past. At least LJ’s Wine Bar is there, just around the corner, and easy for him to find endless solace at the bottom of a bottle.

Eszter is… megküzdése. What is the English word?  She is well....... coping.

On the other hand, George is just fine, and doing well thank you very much. He is living his best life. He really is, shut up!

And as for Oliver… well. He constantly worries about his cat. and wishes that humans could just be a little bit more like animals. Life really would be so much easier if they were.

Fancy a glass? Meet you at LJ’s.

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Tasting Notes

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Southwark Playhouse

Southwark Playhouse

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