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The St Martin's Theatre is a west-end theatre located in West Street near Charing Cross Road.  The theatre was designed by W.G.R. Sprague as one of a pair along with the Ambassadors Theatre in memoriam for the 9th Baron Willoughby de Broke and was supposed to open in 1913, however, the theatre's début was delayed and then further delayed by the outbreak of World War I with the first performance of 'Houpla' actually taking place on 23rd November 1916.  The building received a Grade II listing by English Heritage in 1973.

Many famous actors have graced the stage of the St Martin's, notably  Basil Rathbone played Harry Domain in 'R.U.R' in 1923, and in June 1927 Henry Daniell appeared in 'Meet The Wife' 

Bertie Meyer, who was closely involved, ran the theatre intermittently from 1916 to 1967, when his son Ricky took over who remained the administrator for twenty years until his retirement in 1987, although he remained on as a consultant until his death in 1991.

In March 1974 Agatha Christie's gripping thriller, 'The Mousetrap'  transferred to the St Martin's Theatre where it still plays to this day holding the record for the longest-running show in the world. 

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FAQ's About Booking Tickets To The St Martin's Theatre

Do They Ever Discount Tickets To The St Martin's Theatre?

Despite hosting the longest running production in the world you may find it surprising that tickets to The St Martin's Theatre are actually very rarely discounted!  There is still good demand for this incredible theatrical experience and the producers generally make a point of selling tickets at face value even to official agents which can mean that most online sales will usually feature a booking fee.

How Can I Buy Cheap Tickets To The St Martin's Theatre?

When looking to find maximum value for tickets it is best to check midweek performances during the quieter off peak periods such as November, January and February where the prices can often come down due to lack of general footfall in the West End.  The weeks that follow on from school holidays are particularly good for finding a downward movement in ticket prices and locating bargains.

Should I Avoid Upper Circle Tickets To The St Martin's Theatre?

The St Martin's Theatre is a very small and intimate venue and features very few seats that have a restriction to the view.  The upper circle seats can offer good value to the consumer as the difference in the price for tickets between the upper circle and the stalls and dress circle can be quite substantial, especially during peak periods and at weekends.  It is advisable to check the seating plan before purchase but as there are two separate price bands in the upper circle that can feature a difference in price of up to 30% there is very often good value to be found in the cheaper option.

Where In The Theatre Are The Best Tickets To Be Found?

Due to the small size of the theatre there are not too many 'bad' seats especially in the stalls and dress circle sections.  For people looking for a bit of legroom, the seats in row G of the stalls offer a good solution as there is a corridor located in front which also pretty much guarantees a perfect view of the stage.  The centre section of the dress circle also offers pretty much a perfect view although there are a few seats towards the sides in this section that are a little cramped.  It is recommended that patrons always check the seating plan before booking tickets as there may be large differences in price between the price bands that can offer up big savings especially during quiet weeks.



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