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The Southwark Playhouse Theatre Company was founded by Tom Wilson and Juliet Alderdice back in 1993. The pair identified a need in the capital for high-quality and accessible theatre that provided an opportunity for the best-emerging practitioners and companies while also acting as a major resource within the local community. After leasing a disused workshop in what was then a comparatively neglected section of Southwark they then turned it into a flexible theatre area.

Over the past three decades, the theatre has firmly established itself as one of the leading studio theatres in London, presenting a constant stream of high-quality work from emerging theatre practitioners. Working with numerous talented artistic directors, including Mehmet Ergen, Erica Whyman, Thea Sharrock, Gareth Machin, Ellie Jones and currently Chris Smyrnios, the Southwark Playhouse has now become an indispensable part of London theatre.

The Southwark Playhouse has laid down strong roots in Southwark and is committed to developing an innovative youth & community programme that is completely free to anyone who wishes to participate and has worked closely with local schools, Southwark Council, as well as local organisations and businesses to both raise operations and improve educational achievement.

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Southwark Playhouse

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