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FAQ's About Booking Tickets To Sadlers Wells

Which Is The Best Section Of The Theatre To Book Cheap Tickets At Sadlers Wells?

The theatre has three levels - the stalls on the ground floor, the first circle one floor up and then the second circle on the top floor which can feel a little far away from the action but tickets for this section are priced accordingly and are ideal for patrons on a budget.

Should I Avoid Booking Tickets At Sadlers Wells That Have A Restricted View?

As the theatre is relatively modern, there are not too many issues with restrictions and thankfully no pillars to negotiate so sightlines from most seats are very good.  The first two rows of the stalls are classed as 'restricted' due to the close proximity of the stage but offer excellent value for money as does the back row of the first circle which has minor restrictions due to the overhang from the second circle.  Rows N-S in the stalls can also come with a minor restriction depending on the production due to the overhang from the first circle but offer good value for money and should not be discounted.  It is always highly recommended to study the seating plan prior to booking tickets at Sadlers Wells to ensure complete transparency over your purchase.

Where In The Theatre Are The Best Tickets At Sadlers Wells Located?

Generally speaking the centre stalls seats and the first few rows of the first circle will be classed as 'Premium' tickets at Sadlers Wells offering completely unobstructed and panoramic views of the stage and are therefore usually priced as such.

How Can I Book Discount Tickets At Sadlers Wells?

As most of the productions at Sadlers Wells perform for strictly limited seasons it is unusual to see official discount tickets at Sadlers Wells.  This does not mean that there is no value to be had though and studying the seating plan can bring about big savings as all of the separate price ranges come with cut off points which can sometimes see a substantial difference in price of seats located either next to each other or directly behind each other.  Checking the seating plan thoroughly before booking should give an insight as to where the cut off points are and exactly where the best value is to be had.

Why Do My Tickets At Sadlers Wells Include A Booking Fee?

Due to the limited seasons that most productions run for at Sadlers Wells there are very few official discounts available at the venue and producers will as a rule sell tickets to third party agents at full price to maximise profits for the shows.  This means that if you are looking to book tickets at Sadlers Wells online through an external agency it is likely that they will have to charge a booking fee to make a profit.  Booking directly from the box office for this venue can be beneficial to avoid this.  When booking tickets online through third party agencies please ensure that they are members of the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) to ensure complete transparency over all fees connected with your purchase.


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