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Limited Season From 13th Jan 2022 - 23rd Jan 2022 At The London Coliseum

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Finding its inspiration from the ground-breaking spirit of Florence Nightingale and her peers who supported the Crimean war effort, the London Coliseum will showcase a new version of the classic ballet Raymonda for a limited season in January 2022.

Artistic Director of English National Ballet, Tamara Rojo has created a new version which keeps all of the best of the 19th-century original and updates it with a dramatic new story, introducing a heroine in total control of her own destiny.

Raymonda is Tamara Rojo’s first foray into choreographing and directing, and builds on her illustrious career as artistic director and dancer.

Courage and Love in a time of war. 

It is the year 1853. England. After leaving her comfortable life at home to be a nurse in the Crimean War, Raymonda becomes engaged to a soldier, John.  Soon afterwards, she develops feelings for his friend Abdur, a prominent soldier serving in the Ottoman army. With growing turmoil both all around and inside her, who will she eventually surrender her heart to?

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London Coliseum

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