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The Prince Edward Theatre is a west end theatre located in the very heart of London's 'Theatreland' in Old Compton Street.

The building was designed by Edward A. Stone in 1930, with an interior designed by Gaston Laverdet and Marc-Henri Levy.  The theatre was named in honour of Prince Edward, (at the time the Prince of Wales), who became briefly King Edward VIII (and later following his abdication, the Duke of Windsor), and opened to the public on April 3rd, 1930.  The first performance at the venue was the musical 'Rio Rita'.  

Stone converted the theatre to a cabaret and dance hall in 1935, renaming it the "London Casino".  Some stage alterations were undertaken in 1942 by Thomas Braddock, and the venue re-opened as the "Queensberry All Services Club"  - for servicemen, with the shows broadcast on the BBC.  Architects T. and B. Bradock restored the venue to theatrical use after the war ended,  becoming the "London Casino"once again and the same architects converted it to a cinema in 1954, reopening it as the "Casino Cinerama Theatre".

The Prince Edward was acquired by Bernard Delfont in 1974 and a new screen was installed at a cost of £150k and in 1978 it was converted back to a theatre and given its original name again, reopening with the world première of the musical 'Evita'.

Further renovations were carried out in 1992-93 increasing the size of the stage before reopening in March 1993 with a revival of 'Crazy For You'.   The ABBA musical 'Mamma Mia' premièred at the venue on 6th April 1999, before eventually transferring to the Prince Of Wales Theatre and then subsequently to the Novello Theatre.

The current resident show at the Prince Edward Theatre is Mary Poppins.  Tickets to all productions at the Prince Edward Theatre can be booked securely through this website.

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FAQ's About Booking Tickets To The Prince Edward Theatre

Are Tickets To The Prince Edward Theatre Always Expensive?

Not always.  There is definitely value to be found in prices for midweek performances in off peak periods.  To find good value tickets in the auditorium it is highly recommended to check the seating plan prior to purchase as due to the size of the venue there are quite a few different price bands and the cut off point for these can often produce big savings.

Where Are The Best Value Tickets In The Prince Edward Theatre?

The Prince Edward Theatre has three tiers and there is often good value to be found for tickets in all three.  In the stalls the seats in row L all have a completely guaranteed clear view thanks to the corridor in front and as they sit in the second section of the stalls they are often substantially cheaper than the row in front.  The same goes for row F in the dress circle which has a fantastic view of the stage but is often cheaper than the rows further forward even though the vantage point could possibly be considered to be better!  The cheaper seats in the upper circle are quite high up which should always reflect in the price and row G usually offer patrons good value with a clear and unimpeded view of the stage.

Should I Avoid Tickets To The Prince Edward Theatre With A Restricted View?

There are not too many seats in the Prince Edward Theatre that have a restricted view but thankfully there are no pillars to negotiate so booking tickets that do have a restriction will usually be at the back of the stalls and to the side. These seats will feature a slightly limited view in a few scenes during the show thanks to the overhang from the dress circle and the cut off from the stage on the sides but this is minor and should also be reflected in the price of the ticket.  It is advisable that you always check the seating plan prior to purchase to make sure that you know exactly what you are buying to avoid any confusion or disappointment and any seats with a restricted view should be clearly marked as such.

Do They Ever Discount Tickets To The Prince Edward Theatre?

It is unusual to find official discount tickets to popular shows at the venue, however, prices do fluctuate in the off peak season due to basic supply and demand.  If you are bargain hunting for tickets it is recommended that you book during the quiet months such as November, January and February when the footfall in the West End is usually slow and producers will always struggle a little to fill the theatres for all 8 shows every week.  This usually sees a downward movement in ticket prices and great availability for midweek performances that can bring both big savings and good value seats if you are flexible with dates.

Prince Edward Theatre

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