Magic Mike Live Release New Ticket Stock Allocation Until January 2023

Producers of Magic Mike Live have delighted fans with the announcement that they have extended the show's booking period at the London Hippodrome Casino until at least January 1st. 2023.  Tickets to Magic Mike Live are available to book online now. 

Based on the popular 'Magic Mike' movie franchise, Magic Mike Live invites audiences to enter Club Domina, a sensual nightclub packed with topless dancers that allow people to connect with their desires and lose their inhibitions. The London Hippodrome Casino has been brilliantly transformed into an intimate performance space to accommodate the show.

The cast of Magic Mike Live includes Aaron Witter, Daniel Blessing, Josie Scamell, Sophie Linder-Lee, Jack Manley, Matt Jordan, Jake Brewer, Harry Carter, Ellie Clayton, Charlie Knight, Mark Lace, David Morgan, Theophillus ‘Godson’ Oloyade, Ross Sands, Hannah Cleeve, and Manny Tsakanika.

Magic Mike Live at the London  Hippodrome Casino is co-directed by Alison Faulk and Channing Tatum, with production design from Rachel O’Toole, costume design by Marina Toybina, lighting design by Philip Gladwell, and scenic design by Rob Bissinger and Anita LaScala (Arda Studio).

Performances of Magic Mike Live continue at the London Hippodrome Casino.

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Magic Mike Live!
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