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The Lyric Theatre is a west-end theatre situated in a prime loaction on Shaftesbury Avenue in the very heart of 'Theatreland'

The Lyric was designed by C.J. Phipps, and built by producer Henry Leslie using the profits from the hit show 'Dorothy' which he then transferred from the Prince Of Wales Theatre to open the new venue on December 17th, 1888.

The Lyric was the second theatre venue to be built on this stretch of Shaftesbury Avenue and is now the oldest on the street. The bars and foyer were fully refurbished in 1932-33, and the facade was lovingly restored in 1994. The present capacity at the theatre is 967 seats that are situated on four levels.  It was originally designed to hold a capacity of 1,306 and the venue continues to use an electric pump to operate its iron curtain.

In its early years, the Lyric Theatre staged mostly comic operas but it has now been home to a mixture of light comedies, musicals, and plays.

The Lyric has retained most of its original features, including the theatre being built behind an original 1767 house front at the rear of Great Windmill Street, which was the former house and museum of Sir William Hunter. The theatre was Grade II listed by English Heritage in 1960.

The current production at the Lyric theatre is Get Up, Stand Up! The Bob Marley Musical. Tickets to all productions at the Lyric Theatre can be purchased securely online through this website.

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FAQ's About Booking Tickets At The Lyric Theatre

How Can I Book Cheap Tickets To The Lyric Theatre?

There is often strong demand for tickets during peak times such as weekends and school holidays so these times should be avoided it if you are looking for bargains.  There are however four tiers in the venue and with eight shows per week to fill there is usually value to be found in the ticket price for off peak midweek performances as well as in some of the cheaper seats in the top two tiers.  

Are There Any Restricted View Seats That Should Be Avoided When Booking Tickets At The Lyric Theatre?

The venue has four separate levels, with the best seats being mostly located in the stalls on the ground floor and the dress circle on the first floor.  There are some seats that feature a very slightly obscured view in the rear stalls which is caused by the overhang from the dress circle and there are also two supportive pillars that cause issues in rows Q and R.  Pillars also cause problems in the dress circle from row F and beyond and the shallow raking of the seats can be an issue for shorter patrons.  The upper circle on the second floor offers a pretty good view despite the height above the stage and is not affected by the overhang from the balcony although it is a little cramped but the balcony itself is very high up with several sections on the sides featuring quite bad restrictions and should maybe avoided by people suffering from vertigo although the seats in this section in the centre do offer a clear view of the stage.  It is always highly recommended to study the seating plan thoroughly before booking tickets at the Lyric Theatre to ensure complete transparency and peace of mind over your purchase.

Where Is The Best Place To Book Tickets To The Lyric Theatre?

The price of tickets will always be determined by market forces and it is likely with popular shows that tickets for weekend performances will usually be in great demand.  This would mean that to avoid booking fees for peak performances it may be beneficial to book direct from the box office rather than online, however for off peak shows during the quieter months such as November, January and February as well as the weeks that follow on from school holidays there is a possibility of discounted seats to be found online and through the official retail outlets in and around Leicester Square.

Is It Cheaper To Book Tickets To The Lyric Theatre Midweek?

The short answer to this is yes, although this is not an exact science and not set in stone!  With popular shows the likelihood is that the demand for tickets will outweigh the supply for peak performances such as weekends and school holidays for a period at least.  There are four different levels to the theatre though and multiple price bands that can offer good value for bargain hunters who are prepared to study the seating plan thoroughly prior to purchase.



Lyric Theatre

Get Up, Stand Up! The Bob Marley Musical
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