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FAQ's About Booking Tickets To The London Coliseum

How Can I Book Cheap Tickets To The London Coliseum?

Although most show are only scheduled to play for a limited season at the London Coliseum, tickets are usually  in great demand for the larger productions, especially if they feature big name actors in the cast, meaning that bargain hunters will need to avoid weekend performances and be a little creative with the seating to secure maximum value.  The good news for those on a budget is that the London Coliseum is a huge venue that features four tiers that will need to be filled for 8 shows per week and this should mean that midweek performances will offer up some decent prices in the cheaper sections of the theatre for even the most popular productions.  For hard core bargain hunters, the London Coliseum does offer a small selection of 'day tickets' which are sold at a discount of the morning of the performance for those prepared to queue up and try their luck!

Are The Balcony And Upper Circle Tickets To The London Coliseum Good Value?

Although the London Coliseum is such a huge venue situated on four different levels there are sections in the centre blocks of both the balcony and upper circle that despite the great height do offer completely clear views of the stage.  Both upper circle and balcony tickets can offer up good value for money for those on a budget but it is strongly advised that customers check the seating plan thoroughly before booking to ensure complete transparency over their purchase as in both sections some of the seats towards the sides will feature slight restrictions to the view.

Can I Book Discount Tickets To The London Coliseum Online?

With so many seats to fill for 8 separate shows every week it is entirely possible that towards the end of a run that some discount tickets could be available for midweek shows and matinees that sometimes feature understudy's in the starring roles. While this is of course not guaranteed, theatre producers do tend to review availability on a weekly basis and price tickets accordingly so checking prices online on a regular basis can bring big savings for those not nailed down to specific dates.

Should I Avoid Tickets To The London Coliseum That Have A Restricted View?

In a theatre the size of the London Coliseum it is not surprising that there will be certain productions where some seats will feature slight restrictions to the view of the stage.  Tickets in the stalls are located in three different sections and the only restrictions come on the far sides where the end of the stage is obscured.  There are no issues from the overhang from the circle and thankfully also no pillars to negotiate.  In the dress circle there are five different blocks and again it is only the seats on the far sides that feature some slight restrictions to the view but these are minimal and there are no issues from the overhang from the upper circle.  In the upper circle there are three different blocks of seats and there are some minor restrictions to the view on the sides and sometimes minor issues with the sound being slightly muffled towards the rear by the overhang from the balcony.  The balcony level is situated very high up on the third floor and features no less than seven different blocks of seats.  Because of the height and distance from the stage, seats in this part of the theatre should only be considered by hard core bargain hunters and it is strongly recommended to study the seating plan thoroughly before making your purchase as 'cheap' is not always a bargain!




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