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August 25th - October 22nd 2022

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A huge cry out for courage is erupting in the Globe Theatre this Summer with the premiere of Joan, a new and powerful play which uncovers the very unlikely hero behind the legend.

The men are fighting, again in what seems to be an endless war. Out of nowhere arrives an unexpected leader. Poor, young, female and she is about to light the spark which will start a revolution. This unexpected leader is called Joan.

Join us this Summer in the wooden ‘O’ to feel the scorching heat of the sun, along with the drench of the rain as we explore the beating pulse of Joan’s raw passion. With raised voices and open hearts, we invite you to cheer and dance with us as we rediscover the incredible story of Joan. Written by Charlie Josephine and directed by Ilinca Radulian.

‘'There’s a whole sky inside of you! I wish we’d all remember that.’'

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