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Alan Bennett's Hilarious Comedy Returns For A Limited Season From December 3rd - February 26th

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Patrick Marber will direct the first revival of Alan Bennett's Habeas Corpus for over a quarter of a century at the Menier Chocolate Factory where it will play for a limited run from December 3rd - February 26th . The comedy first showcased in the West End in 1973, starring Alec Guinness in the role of general practitioner Arthur Wicksteed. 

The play follows the antics of the Wicksteed home that appear as a satirical merry-go-round where friends, family, and the mad quest for sexual pleasures of the body (“corpus”) is the controlling passion in this hilarious and farcical comedy of ill-manners. Through an escapade of carnal encounters and mistaken identities, one motto will always hold fast: “He whose lust lasts, lasts longest.”

The play's title is based on the legal term "habeas corpus",  which translates from the Latin "you shall have the body".

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