Full Casting Announced For Legally Blonde At Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

OMG you guys! Final casting has finally been announced for the forthcoming and much anticipated summer production of Legally Blonde which will open at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre on May 13th ahead of a May 20th opening.  Performances of Legally Blonde are due to run until July 2nd.

The cast for the production will now feature Paulo Teixeira, Gabriela Benedetti, Shakira Simpson, Billy Nevers, Lucca Chadwick-Patel, Joe Foster, Jasmin Colangelo, Allie Daniel, Dominic Lamb, Esme Laudat, Liam McEvoy, Ashley Rowe, and Biancha Szynal.

They will now join the previously announced Courtney Bowman, who will star in the role of Elle Woods, alongside Michael Ahomka-Lindsay, Hannah Yun Chamberlain, Lauren Drew, Nadine Higgin, Grace Mouat, Vanessa Fisher, Isaac Hesketh, Al┼żbeta Matyšáková, Eugene McCoy, and Alistair Toovey.

Legally Blonde is based on the popular 2001 movie of the same name, and centres on sorority president Elle Woods, who finds herself at Harvard Law School as she follows her ex-boyfriend there in the hope of winning him back. While she care too much about law when she first arrives, she manages to defy the odds and succeeds to prove that beauty and brains can actually exist in equal measure.

Co-creator of Six the Musical, Lucy Moss is to direct the production which will be the first in the Regent's Park summer theatre season, and followed by both 101 Dalmatians and Antigone

Performances of Legally Blonde will begin at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre from May 13th.

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