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The Duchess Theatre is a west-end theatre situated in Catherine Street, close to Covent Garden . The theatre first opened its doors to the public on 25th November 1929 and is one of London's smallest 'proscenium arched' west-end theatres featuring just 479 seats on two levels.

 The venue was commissioned by Arthur Gibbons, designed by Ewen Barr, and constructed by F. G. Minter Ltd and is built with the stalls seating located below street level, to overcome the scale of the site and the rights of neighbours to 'Ancient Lights'. The first production to be staged at the theatre was a play called 'Tunnel Trench' by Hubert Griffith. . The interior decoration scheme inside the venue was introduced in 1934 under the supervision of Mary Wyndham Lewis, wife of J.B. Priestley. 

 Notable productions at the Duchess Theatre include 'Buddy', 'Krapp's Last Tape', and 'Plague Over England' and the current long-term resident play at the venue is the farcical comedy, 'The Play That Goes Wrong'.

 Theatre tickets to all productions at the Duchess Theatre in London are available to purchase securely through this website.

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FAQ's About Booking Tickets To The Duchess Theatre

Where Are The Best Tickets In The Duchess Theatre?

The Duchess Theatre is one of the smallest and most intimate venues in the West End and thankfully there is very little restricted view seating so if you must have tickets with a completely clear view of the stage you are in luck!  If you are searching for best seats in the stalls then the central aisle seats in row J are particularly good. The front row of the dress circle are also well worth looking at, and for people who need a lot of legroom row D of the dress circle is ideal and can often be good value.

Is It Easy To Find Cheap Tickets To The Duchess Theatre?

There is definitely value to be found for bargain hunters looking to secure good deals for tickets for both evening and matinee midweek performances during off peak periods.  The theatre does get busy at the weekends and during school holidays though so try to avoid these if looking to save money on the ticket price if possible.

Are There Any Tickets To The Duchess Theatre That Should Be Avoided?

The seats at the back of the stalls on the sides in rows L,M,N & O do feature a slight restriction to the view for some scenes in the show and should possibly be avoided if possible.  It is advisable to always study the seating plan prior to purchase as although this is a very small theatre, there are still quite a few different price bands which can make certain tickets very good value (and vice versa!)

Is It Best To Book Tickets To The Duchess Theatre In The Stalls Or The Dress Circle?

Both sections of the theatre have their own merits and it is generally a matter of personal preference whether it is preferable to sit in the stalls looking directly at the stage or in the dress circle looking down at the stage from an elevated position.  There does seem to be regular value found in the rear seats of the dress circle though if you are on a budget, which coupled with the small size of the venue can make these tickets a real bargain as they can sometimes sell for as little as £20 during quiet weeks!




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