Death Drop Tickets - Garrick Theatre

RuPaul Drag Race's Willam and Latrice Royale Star In a Hilarious 'Dragatha Christie Murder Mystery!'

Who knew that murder would end up being such a drag!

In what is surely a murder mystery like no other, the Garrick Theatre finally reopens its doors from May 19th 2021 to host Death Drop - a hilarious new comedy starring RuPaul's Drag Race superstars Monet X and Courtney Act, along with a full and flamboyant cast of professional drag performers.

The year is 1991 and guests are coming together for a very special and unique soiree being held on Tuck Island.  Following the true traditions of classic murder mysteries, tensions rise as the guests start revealing their suspicions and previously hidden truths about their sordid pasts.  One by one they begin to sashay away as this side-splitting, white knuckle, nerve shredding yarn spins out and the final surviving guests discover who-dunnit!

Packed to the rafters with twists, turns and laughter, this is a raucous romp of a murder mystery in drag and you're going to love it!




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