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British comedy is at its very finest live on stage in the West End theatre.  The worlds best comedy talent have featured over the years in London performing everything from Shakespearian classics and Oscar Wilde right up to contemporary farce that will have you screaming with laughter.   Special offers and cheap tickets are available to book through our website for all West End comedy shows with new offers added daily, so check this page on a regular basis for the latest best price ticket deals for West End comedies and all other shows.

Comedy shows and farce in London's west end theatres have been part of British society and culture for generations.  Let's face it, everyone likes a good laugh and what better way to let your hair down and laugh out loud then by booking tickets to see a live comedy at the theatre in London and letting the atmosphere build right before your eyes with the gags, slapstick and laughs coming thick and fast at you like a machine gun! 
When it comes to comedy plays, musicals and stage shows, there are few places better to experience farce at its finest then in the West End theatre where some productions have had audiences in stitches for years on end giving theatre goers a chance to forget about the stresses of everyday life and get a couple of hours of very welcome release.  As a general rule theatre tickets to comedy shows, especially the plays are generally great value as well and tend to be much cheaper than most West End musicals.

About Comedy Shows & Farce

In West End theatre, a farce is a comedy play which aims to entertain its audience by means of unlikely, extravagant, and usually improbable situations, as well as disguise, mistaken identity, verbal humour of varying degrees of sophistication, which can include plays on words, and a very fast-paced plot whose speed usually increases, culminating in an ending which often involves an elaborate and far fetched climax.
 British Farce is also characterized by physical humour, the use of deliberate nonsense, absurdity and broadly stylized performances. Comedy shows such as traditional farces in the west end generally move at a frantic pace toward the climax, in which the initial problem is resolved one way or another, often through a bizarre twist of the plot. Generally, there is a happy ending which often comes as a relief for the audience from the side splitting belly laughs brought on by the often ridiculous situations that the cast generally find themselves in!  

The convention of poetic justice is not always observed in a farce and the protagonist may get away with what he or she has been trying to hide at all costs, even if it is a criminal act and thankfully political correctness has yet to infiltrate the great British comedy show farce.
Farce in general is highly tolerant of transgressive behaviour, and tends to depict human beings as vain, irrational, infantile, neurotic and prone to almost automatic behaviour,  Farce is considered a theatre tradition and the basis of a good west end comedy show.
So if it's ridiculous, far-fetched situations, quick and witty repartee, and broad physical humour that you are after, then the west end theatre has it in abundence and with new comedy shows coming to the London stage on a regular basis there is always an excuse to go out and have a good old laugh!

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