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World Premiere At The Young Vic 18th July - 13th August 2022

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Sonali Bhattacharyya’s award-winning play Chasing Hares receives its world premiere at the Young Vic on July 18th directed by Milli Bhatia.

'They can not afford for the truth to come out. He’s the one person brave enough to tell it'.

Machine operator Prab struggles to survive the brutality and precarity of his factory job in West Bengal by day. But by night he dedicates his time to writing stories for Amba, his baby daughter. When he is recruited by a popular actress to write her a play, Prab seizes the opportunity with both hands to expose the many injustices that exist within factory conditions and the swirling rumours of the exploitation of children. But to achieve change, he must be ready to risk his future, his family and maybe, even his own life

N.B Show Warnings:

Chasing Hares does contain themes of bereavement, grief, death, abuse, and cruelty - most specifically child labour exploitation. There are several references to sexual misconduct, race discrimination, and class and social inequity. The production contains strong language, and scenes describing torture and violence.

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