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The Cambridge Theatre sits on a corner site in Earlham Street facing Seven Dials close to Covent Garden and in the very heart of London's 'Theatreland'.  The venue was designed by Wimperis, Simpson and Guthrie and built in 1929-30 with the interior partly by Serge Chermayeff and beautiful bronze friezes by sculptor Anthony Gibbons Grinling. 

The venue has a circular entrance foyer, that prominently features Grinling's bronze frieze depicting posing nude figures which is a theme that continues into the main foyer with dancing nudes, marble pilaster up lighters, and some concealed lighting. The Cambridge Theatre is built mostly in steel and concrete is notable for its elegant and clean lines of design. The theatre underwent refurbishment in 1950—which saw the original gold and silver décor painted over in red, and candelabras and chandeliers were added.

 The Cambridge was Grade II listed in 1999 and is seen as a rare example of a London theatre adopting modern expressionist styles of design,  first pioneered in Germany during the 1920's and the theatre made a conscious reaction to the lavish design excesses of the old music halls and cinemas as theatres started looking for new styles more appropriate to the greater sophistication of their entertainment finding it in the Germanic Moderne forms of simple shapes that are livened up by concealed lighting, bright colours, and some shiny steelwork.  

Recent notable productions to feature at the Cambridge Theatre include 'Chicago The Musical' and more recently Matilda The Musical which is the current show performing at the venue.  Theatre tickets to performances at the Cambridge Theatre are available to book securely through this website.

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FAQ's About Booking Tickets At The Cambridge Theatre

Are Tickets To The Cambridge Theatre Good Value?

The Cambridge Theatre is not one of the largest in the West End and there are three tiers with the best seats being located in the stalls and dress circle.  The price of tickets will depend on where you wish to sit but for Monday to Wednesday performances there is often good value to be found in all price bands while at weekends and during peak periods such as school holidays ticket prices can be quite expensive due to sheer demand!

Do The Ever Discount Tickets To The Cambridge Theatre?

The theatre very rarely discount tickets however the price of tickets can often fluctuate due to supply and demand and therefore weekday performances in off peak weeks can very often bring big savings.  There are also different price bands in all three tiers of the theatre so studying the seating plan can often be beneficial as booking tickets in the stalls row L or dress circle tickets in row D can pay dividends as they are just on the cut off point for the price brands where there can often be a difference of up to 30% on the row in front with more or less the exact same view!

Should I Avoid Upper Circle Tickets At The Cambridge Theatre?

As the Cambridge Theatre is not a massive venue and there are very few seats that feature a restriction to the view the Upper Circle seats can often offer consumers good value and deliver savings.  Row G of the upper circle is particularly interesting as it is the first row of the cheapest section of the theatre but has a corridor in front meaning that a good view of the stage is pretty much guaranteed no matter who sits in front of you?  

When Is The Best Time To Book Tickets To The Cambridge Theatre?

It is always advisable to avoid school holidays and weekends if possible.  To find the best deals for cheap tickets it is recommended to look at the weeks that follow on from school holidays or during the quiet months of November, January and February that regularly produce big savings for this show.  If you have to go at the weekend then the Sunday matinee is usually marginally cheaper than the Saturday shows especially during the quieter months and may produce value.


Cambridge Theatre

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