Full Casting Announced For 'Britannicus' At Lyric Hammersmith

Full casting for the new adaptation of Britannicus has been announced prior to its forthcoming opening at Lyric Hammersmith next month. Britannicus will begin previews at the venue on May 26th, with an opening night scheduled for June 1st and performances due to run until June 25th.

Jean Racine’s new production has been adapted and translated by Timberlake Wertenbaker and is directed by Atri Banerjee. Britannicus follows the fortunes of Agrippina as she fights to ensure that her son, Nero, will be the Emperor of Rome, despite Britannicus being the rightful heir. Once he is ruler, Nero becomes drunk on power and slowly turns into an self obsessed, oppressive tyrant.

Nathaniel Curtis, who found fame in the award-winning TV series 'It’s A Sin' will take on title role in the play starring alongside other notable cast members including William Robinson as Emperor Nero, Helena Lymbery as Burrhus, Nigel Barrett as Narcissus, Shyvonne Ahhmad as Junia, Hanna Khogali as Albine, and Sirine Saba as Agrippina.

Speaking about the production and its cultural references to modern society, Banerjee commented, “From antiquity to the present day, we’ve always felt the corrosive effects of unchecked authoritarianism. Right now, we feel them in war in Ukraine; election in France; parties in our very own seats of power as the country is ravaged by pandemic. Britannicus dramatises the point when a “good” leader turns bad and so has never felt more relevant. Racine drew upon the political landscape of 17th century France to tell a story of 1st century Rome: in it, we see 21st century Britain.”

Other key members of the creative team behind Britannicus include set and costume design by Rosanna Vize, movement direction by Jennifer Jackson, lighting design by Lee Curran, and sound and composition design by Jasmin Kent Rodgman.

Performances of Britannicus will begin at Lyric Hammersmith from May 26th.

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