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Limited Season From December 20th - 30th At The Harold Pinter Theatre

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Making a much welcome return to the London stage at the Harold Pinter Theatre this December to explore the modern era, Ben Elton, the1980's era-defining comedian brings his hilarious observations and perspectives with him for a strictly limited season!

Elton is sometimes referred to as the 'Godfather' of modern stand up, and his 1980's shows 'Motormouth' and 'Motorvation' firmly cemented him as one of the comedy scene's most outspoken voices, combining left-leaning politics, with a ranting style, and razor-sharp wit that captured public consciousness.

Over the past four decades, Elton has translated and directed his comedy stylings into popular TV series such as 'The Young Ones', 'Blackadder', and 'Upstart Crow', along with movies and literature and even musicals such as 'We Will Rock You', and 'Love Never Dies', and has become a both insightful, and prolific creator who has the unfettered ability to simply 'say it like it is' - a much-needed and increasingly disappearing talent in the crisis and outraged age we live in today.

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