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For a strictly limited 10 week season this summer, the Shaftesbury Theatre will play host to BE MORE CHILL - the sensational new smash hit musical that is looking to to invade your brain… in the best possible way!  This unprecedented and international phenomenon has now exploded onto the musical theatre scene and has electrified audiences during both its runs off- as well as on Broadway. 
It could possibly be desribed as just your atypical love story – a guy, who wants to fit in, a girl, who wants to be noticed........oh, and the supercomputer located inside the guy’s head that tells him what to do as it attempts to take over the world!. This is both a relatable tale about how far we are prepared to go for a little validation… but mixed up with what is an otherworldly situation that sees a loveable geek struggle with his relationship with his very invasive (im)plant. Exactly what is not to love about that?

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