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Located on Aldwych at the end of the Strand and in the very heart of London's 'Theatreland', the Aldwych Theatre is a Grade II listed building with a seating capacity of 1200.

The venue was actually built by Walter Wallis as a part of a pair along with the 'Waldorf Theatre' (now the Novello Theatre), with both being designed by W.G.R Sprague and funded by Seymour Hicks along with the American impresario Charles Frohman.  The decorations of the theatre were all designed in the Georgian style and it was constructed on the site of the newly built area of Aldwych.

The first production to be staged at the Aldwych Theatre was 'Blue Bell' on 23rd December 1905.  This was followed the year after by 'The Beauty Of Bath' and in 1907, 'The Gay Gordans' performed at the venue. The Aldwych Theatre became the home of Ben Travers farces From 1925-1933 which became known as 'The Aldwych Farces'.  

From the mid-1930s until about 1960, the theatre was owned by the Abrahams family and hosted many famous productions featuring the stars of the day including notably Vivien Leigh who had won an Academy Award for the movie version and appeared in a 1949 London theatre production of 'A Streetcar Named Desire' which was directed by her husband, Laurence Olivier.

The Royal Shakespeare Company based its London productions in the Aldwych Theatre from December 15th, 1960, and stayed at the venue for over two decades before finally moving onto the Barbican Arts Theatre in 1982. 

During the absences of RSC productions, the Aldwych hosted the annual World Theatre Seasons along with many foreign plays that were performed in their original productions, having been brought over to London annually by the theatre impresario Peter Daubeny from 1964 to 1973.

Recent notable productions at the Aldwych Theatre include Joan Collins starring in 'Private Lives' in 1990/91, 'Whistle Down The Wind', 'Fame' and 'Dirty Dancing' with the theatre remaining one of the capitals top venues.

The current resident production at the Aldwych Theatre is Tina - The Tina Turner Musical and tickets to all performances of this show are available to book securely through this website.

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FAQ's About Booking Tickets To The Aldwych Theatre

How Can I Book Cheap Tickets To The Aldwych Theatre?

While demand for tickets at the venue is still very strong, there is now some value beginning to creep in.  It is still very rare to find discounts to the show but the seats at the rear and to the sides of the stalls are regularly sold at reasonable rates for midweek performances.  The upper circle also offers value to the consumer with clear view seats in row D having a good view of the stage and lots of legroom.

Should I Avoid Restricted View Tickets To The Aldwych Theatre?

There are quite a few seats that feature restrictions in the Aldwych Theatre in all three tiers so it is recommended to check the seating plan before you book tickets to ensure full transparency.  The seats at the back of the stalls from row U onwards all feature a restriction from the overhang from the circle but it is minimal and they can still be considered as good value when the price difference to the rows immediately in front is taken into account.  There are quite severe restrictions in row AA of the dress circle that should be noted and although these are usually priced accordingly it is worth remembering that 'cheap' isn't always a bargain

Where Are The Best Value Tickets Located In The Aldwych Theatre?

The theatre is very busy at weekends and during peak periods so when looking for value in the ticket price it can pay dividends to book for midweek performances during off peak periods such as November, January and February.  The clear view upper circle tickets are usually sold at a fair price and as the Aldwych Theatre is not a massive venue, even though you are quite high up in the third tier the price difference between these seats and the category A seats in the stalls and dress circle is quite substantial which usually offers value.

Where Is The Best Place To Book Tickets To The Aldwych Theatre?

This will depend on when you wish to see the show?  If you are booking tickets during peak periods such as school holidays or weekends then buying directly from the box office at the theatre can be beneficial, however during off peak periods and for midweek performances, good value can often be found either online or from the official retail outlets in and around Leicester Square who often have access to rates that would not normally be available from the box office.  It is highly recommended that when booking tickets through a third party that you check that the operator is affiliated with or members of the Society Of London Theatre (SOLT) and/or the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) which should be clearly marked.

Aldwych Theatre

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical
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