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Limited Season At The Criterion Theatre From May 7th - September 4th 2022

A brand new spine-tingler is on its way to the West End — so be brave and see it if you dare! 2.22 A Ghost Story is a tense supernatural thriller, where otherworldly things are happening every night at exactly 2:22 am. Do you believe it is possible that the dead can return to life? It's time to test your courage at the Criterion Theatre.

2.22 A Ghost Story is the latest work from Danny Robins. Sam and Jenny have just moved into a new house and Jenny has become convinced that it’s haunted. The pair argue about whether or not ghosts do exist with their first dinner guests — and the group decides to stay up until 2:22 am in a bid to confront the unknown. 2:22 A Ghost Story is directed by Matthew Dunster.

The West End has an impressive heritage when it comes to nailbiting scary stories, so 2:22 A Ghost Story play follows a fine tradition and a pedigree of shows including Susan Hill’s 'The Woman in Black', which has been performed in London since 1989 —  along with other popular theatrical chillers such as 'The Exorcist', and 'Ghost Stories', 

2:22 A Ghost Story, is written by Danny Robins who has previous form in this area after creating the BBC series 'Young Dracula' as well as two spook-tastic podcasts, 'The Battersea Poltergeist' and 'Haunted'. 

Don’t miss out on this new scary theatrical rollercoaster ride at the Criterion Theatre.

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