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Waiting For Godot Tickets - Arts Theatre

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Waiting For Godot

Waiting For Godot Tickets London

Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece Waiting For Godot has been hailed by critics as the greatest play of the 20th century and get's it's latest outing in the West End at the Arts Theatre from September 7th with direction from Peter Reid.

Two tramps, Didi and Gogo wait patiently on a deserted country road by a tree for a man named Godot. They have no idea what he looks like or for that matter what time they were supposed to meet. They also can't remember what it was they asked him for or what he is supposed to do when he gets there. All they do know is that when Godot does arrive the two of them will be saved. If however he doesn’t show up then they will just have to come back tomorrow...........and wait.

So Didi and Gogo sit around passing the time away by playing games, arguing amongst themselves and questioning why it is that they they are waiting at all?  Pozzo, a wealthy landowner arrives along with his slave Lucky who he is taking to the market to sell. They chat and pass the time together until Pozzo and Lucky leave for the market. A boy then arrives and tells them that Godot won’t be coming today but surely he will tomorrow, so............they wait.

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