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The Divide Part 2 Tickets - Old Vic Theatre

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The Divide Part 2

The Divide Part 2 Tickets London

Associate Director of The Old Vic Anna Bolton directs The Divide - A play performed in two parts telling a powerful tale that delves unflinchingly into a dystopian society filled to the brim with repression, insurrection and forbidden love. 

The Divide is a frightening vision of a dystopian future set 100 years from now, where a deadly contagion has decimated the population and rendered physical contact between the sexes fatal. Under the strict dictates of an elusive Preacher, a seemingly unthinkable solution has been enforced. The adult survivors are all segregated by gender, known as 'The Divide,' as men show their purity by wearing white, and the women – still infected – are clothed all in black as a sign of their sins.

Brother and sister Elihu and Soween are growing up learning the strict ways of their controlled society. As time passes though they begin to see cracks develop in the system as Elihu falls for a girl called Giella , who is the daughter of two radical mothers, therefore risking not only fatal disease but also threatening to ignite a whole bloody revolution!

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Take the Northern, Jubilee or Bakerloo line to Waterloo station. The theatre is approximately 10 minutes walk.

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