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Mythic Tickets London

Marcus Stevens and Oran Eldor's brand new pop/rock musical comedy, Mythic takes the ancient Greek tale of Persephone and turns it completely on its side, portraying the gods as a bunch of chart-topping rock stars, professional VIP's and power-hungry politicians!

Relationship between teenage daughters and their mothers can testing to say the least - especially if the particular daughter in question is a Greek goddess with a lustful taste for the Underworld!

Based in a world full of Olympian celebrity, Persephone is struggling to find a balance between her mother Demeter’s expectations for her and her own desire to find a path of her own. But her thirst for independence backfires and returns to bite her when she unwittingly gets trapped in Hell alongside Hades, Greece’s perennial bad boy!.

Their journey back is an emotionally-charged story that is relevant for both ancient and modern times.

Charing Cross Theatre

The Arches, Villiers Street




Take the Northern or Bakerloo line to Charing Cross Station. The theatre is a 5 minute walk.

Charing Cross

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