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Le Grand Mort Tickets - Trafalgar Studios Theatre

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Le Grand Mort

Le Grand Mort Tickets London

Trafalgar Studio Two is proud to present Stephen Clark's tense thriller Le Grand Mort.

In his swanky Notting Hill flat, Michael is preparing dinner for two in his super stylish, sterilely kitchen, meticulously slicing the vegetables with a precision a surgeon would be proud of.  He talks, with a sharp knife-like wit, about cases in history where the human body has continued to prove of use even after death.

As Michael continues to slice, dice and chop, one begins to wonder exactly who is coming for dinner and what the main course is going to be.

Tim, his young guest eventually arrives and they begin to engage in a series of funny, thrilling but potentially dangerous mind games, as they both attempt to unravel the reasons why they are both there.

As the the games begin to turn deadly they both catch glimpses of the sadness and loss that exist within them enabling them to begin to actually connect the dots to get to the truth, using whatever damaged shreds of humanity the pair of them still have left.

Trafalgar Studios

14 Whitehall



Take the Northern or Bakerloo Line to Charing Cross station. The theatre is 10 minute walk.


Trafalgar Studios

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