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A Guide For The Homesick Tickets - Trafalgar Studios Theatre

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A Guide For The Homesick

A Guide For The Homesick Tickets London

Trafalgar Studios presents the award-winning American writer Ken Urban's new play -  A Guide For The Homesick - a bittersweet and tender play about both human conscience and connection that delves into the true cost of friendship when you are afraid to love, starring Clifford Samuel as Teddy and Douglas Booth as Jeremy.

They are worlds apart as well as miles away from home. Teddy is looking for a friend for the night. while Jeremy is simply searching for a beer.  They are two complete strangers, both totally consumed by their personal secrets, who have now found each other in a hotel room in Amsterdam.

Could you tell all and confess your greatest fears to a complete stranger?


Trafalgar Studios

14 Whitehall



Take the Northern or Bakerloo Line to Charing Cross station. The theatre is 10 minute walk.


Trafalgar Studios

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