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The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street Tickets London

The 5-15 Sun Street Theatre presents: The Wolf Of Wall Street, a new show from the Olivier Award winning producers of 'The Great Gatsby'.  This is a new and ground-breaking show that charts the remarkable life of the now infamous New York trader.

He was a stock-market millionaire at 26 years old and a federal convict by 36. By day, Jordan Belfort made thousands of dollars a minute, and by night, he spent it as fast as he could.

Alexander Wright directs as The Wolf of Wall Street places the audience both front and centre of this fast paced heart-racing story. Come and experience Jordan’s rise to power and desperate craving for excess as all of the action unfolds around you in an extraordinary new performance space spread across four floors in the very heart of the City of London.

Will you immerse yourself into the world of Jordan Belfort? Or maybe become a Master of the Universe with the ruthless stock brokers who broke Wall Street - or will you sign up and assist the FBI to take down some of the most notorious criminal entrepreneurs of our time. It is time to make a choice as you are either with him or you are against him. You choose........

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