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The Haystack Tickets - Hampstead Theatre

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The Haystack

The Haystack Tickets London

The Hampstead Theatre presents Al Blyth’s explosive espionage thriller - The Haystack, which challenges the current ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ mantra and asks serious questions as to how we can be expected to live honestly, love freely, and stay authentic when the advances in cutting-edge technology are consistently outpacing the law.

Zef and Neil are a couple of twenty-something computer whizzes who are blessed with questionable dress sense and an over developed interest in Netflix and video games. They are also the UK’s ‘National Defence Information Security Team’ - having been directly recruited by GCHQ both for their ability to work both discreetly and quickly with no questions asked as well as their sky-high IQs.

Having completely unfettered access to all of the world’s data along with infinite powers of electronic intrusion, these two unlikely secret agents are essential cogs in the collossal national security machine.  All is well though until  one day their window into intelligence operations reveals a little more than they were meant to see and the pair start to question their roles in a security system whose reach is seemingly unlimited but whose safeguards are most definitely not….....



Hampstead Theatre

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Eton Avenue, Swiss Cottage, London, NW3 3EU


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  • Nearest Tube: Swiss Cottage
  • Tube Lines: Jubilee Line

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