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Education, Education, Education Tickets - Trafalgar Studios Theatre

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Education, Education, Education

Education, Education, Education Tickets London

Trafalgar Studios presents the new must see comedy of 2019, Education, Education, Education which will play a strictly limited 4 week season from May 31st.  Take yourself back to May 1997. Labour, led by Tony Blair have won the General Election, Katrina and the Waves have won the Eurovision Song Contest, the iPhone doesn't yet exist, no one has even heard of Harry Potter and the movie Titanic is flying off the shelves of every Blockbuster video store in the country. Great Britain is the officially coolest place on the planet!
However, at the local comprehensive secondary school, it's a very different story during the last week of term, as while massive political change is occurring outside of the classroom, a different kind of revolution slowly starts to take place within it as Tobias, the new German language assistant who has just arrived in the UK is greeted by a group of rather eccentric schoolteachers who are just trying to make it through the day with hilarious consequences!
In a love letter to education in the 1990s, this whip-smart show and is absolutely jam-packed with more smash hits than ‘Now That’s What I Call 1997’ including The Spice Girls, Katrina and the Waves and Oasis while being overloaded with not so subtle references to Teletubbies, jokes about Take That and the Macarena and all things '90's!
Trafalgar Studios

14 Whitehall



Take the Northern or Bakerloo Line to Charing Cross station. The theatre is 10 minute walk.


Trafalgar Studios

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