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Ambassadors - Stomp

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Ambassadors London

The Ambassadors Theatre in London is the current venue for the stage show Stomp.

STOMP is one of London's most innovative stage shows.  A unique symphony using everyday objects such as brooms, plastic piping & dustbin lids and now celebrating its 9th sensational year in the west end in London STOMP is FRESHER, FASTER and FUNNIER than ever before, with new dance routines, new choreography and brand new music.

STOMP is a multi-award winning stage show and has the universal language of rhythm, theatre, comedy and dance.  Eight performers use everything from Zippo lighters, plastic bags, bin lids and even the kitchen sink to hammer out an explosively feel good rhythm.

It is very difficult to classify STOMP. What does the word make you think of? Which catagory would you put it under of theatre, dance, music or performance art?

STOMP is a stage show that is performed in a theatre, but is not a play, musical, or opera. It is not theatre in the traditional sense of the word. There is no speech, plot, or dialogue. However, it does have two traditional theatrical traits in mime and characterization. Each performer has an individual character which is distinct from the others which are brought out through the mime and dance in the show.

The entire stage show is highly choreographed and interweaves dance into all its aspects. There is a fusion in STOMP between dance and music. The music is created within the dance, but the dance itself is totally dependent on the music for its rhythm and character. STOMP, if anything is a true marriage of movement and music, where both create, enhance and compliment each other.

STOMP, however, cannot be described purely as a "dance," show either as dance is only one of the three elements which combine and fuse together to create the show - music, theatre and dance. The coming together of these three elements, means that even though it does not contain the traditional features, it does create an interesting and innovative stage show. It breaks down all customary boundaries of the performing arts by inviting and encouraging audience participation in the show, not only demonstrating that anyone has the ability to STOMP, but also encouraging us to take what we have learned about sound, dance and rhythm and apply it to our own everyday lives.

The Ambassadors Theatre

West Street



Take the Piccadilly or Northern line to Leicester Square station. The theatre is approximately 5 minutes walk.



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